Linkin Park have shown their affinity for delving into the gamer world over the years, and they've taken things to the next level with a new video for 'Guilty All the Same.'

According to The Verge, Linkin Park have been working hand-in-hand with Microsoft to create an interactive video that will allow viewers to remix and recreate the clip from the ground up using Project Spark.

In the video above, you can see the central character in the clip as he frantically runs through a hellish landscape that's being destroyed by a mysterious entity. Linkin Park's Joe Hahn states, "Instead of a traditional music video for 'Guilty All the Same' (feat. Rakim), we are giving you this as a starting line for you guys to create and share. This is the first interactive, remixable game. We look forward to seeing what you make with it." While the clip above is more of a glimpse at the landscape, you can visit the Project Spark website here to get started with the interactive elements.

Linkin Park is offering the music video to gamers for free for Xbox and Windows 8.1. 'Guilty All the Same,' which features guest rapper Rakim, is set to be featured on the band's sixth studio album. The disc is expected to drop in June.

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