On Sept. 12, Linkin Park, will release a free-to-play Facebook game called 'LP Recharge.' Playing the game will also unlock the song 'A Light That Never Comes,' a new Linkin Park collaboration with EDM artist Steve Aoki that the two acts premiered at the Summer Sonic festival in Japan earlier this month.

‘LP Recharge’ takes place in a world where all of the natural resources have been taken over by an elite group. Players try to bring clean, sustainable energy back to the environment to save the planet. Early registrants who signed up for the game on its official website have received a free download of a clip of the new song.

Last week, Linkin Park held their ninth LPU Summit. The event was held in Hong Kong, with video clips of some of the festivities available here.

In recent months, singer Chester Bennington has lent his talents to Stone Temple Pilots, singing on their new song 'Out of Time.' Bennington will be part of an Stone Temple Pilots EP to be released this fall, and will also be touring with them on a trek that begins Sept. 4.

Bennington's addition to Stone Temple Pilots was an instant success, with 'Out of Time' hitting No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock chart. That gave Bennington No. 1 songs in consecutive years with two separate bands, a very impressive feat. Linkin Park's 'Burn It Down' topped the charts last year.