A few days ago, Linkin Park posted a cryptic countdown on their website, which expired yesterday (Feb. 1). Now, their homepage has an interactive puzzle on it, and we've played around a bit to try and figure out what's going on.

Beware — there are spoilers ahead, so if you want to figure out the puzzle for yourself, then don't scroll through the gallery below.

Upon entering your email address, or signing in with your Spotify or Apple Music account information, users are brought to a virtual room with a desk and a computer, and a couple of knickknacks scattered throughout the room on file cabinets and shelves as well. There are CDs on the desk, Funko Pop! Figures, a cork board with photos and tickets, an open binder and more. Some of these objects can be clicked on, others can't. At least not yet.

A platinum disc of Meteora hangs on the wall, as well as a Spotify award for 1 billion streams of the song "Numb." While we still aren't sure what Linkin Park are up to, Meteora did come out in March of 2003, so we're quickly approaching its 20th anniversary.

We compiled a gallery of screenshots of all of the things you can interact with, and will update over time as more of them become clickable. We'll provide a description of each object below, as well as some theories fans have come up with online.

Check out the website for yourself here, and scroll below to see what we've uncovered so far.

Here's What We've Uncovered From Linkin Park's Website Puzzle

Here's what we've uncovered from the puzzle on Linkin Park's website so far.

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