Linkin Park have their hands in many different pies and one of their latest projects finds them working on a new video game. Showcasing the interest in energy and natural resources, the band tailored the game, titled 'Recharge,' around those issues.

The group teamed with Kuuluu Interactive Entertainment to create the game, which is a third-person 3D online experience that combines puzzle, adventure and fighting elements. However, rather than competing with foes, you're working in unison with other players as part of a rebellion to regain natural resources from those who hold them in power.

Mike Shinoda stated at a recent press event in Berlin (seen in the video below), "The story of the game is basically rooted that in this future world, the earth's natural resources have almost run out, so as you can imagine with the way that people are to one another, the people who have control of the resources have the power and they're basically using it to keep everyone else as their subordinate. As a player you're a member of the rebellion against that and you work with your group to beat those guys, to take back the power and to free the human beings."

Shinoda expressed his satisfaction with the whole game creation process, explaining, "That's like a dream come true, you know, we got to work on these characters and this game. The band gave the input on the story. I think we gave the original story and then went back and forth with Kuuluu on it and these guys translated that into some really interesting gameplay."

It's the band's plan to also tie in charitable upgrades, with users having the opportunity to add special features for their character with the proceeds from sales going to help aid natural resource issues in the real world. For more information on the 'Recharge' game, click here.

Watch Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn at the 'Linkin Park Recharge' Press Event

Watch a Trailer for the 'Linkin Park Recharge' Game