Steven Adler's new trio Adler is back in the news and not because of comments the famed drummer has made and apologized for regarding Guns N' Roses. While it's a free country and Adler can say anything he pleases, he's making some waves for an entirely different reason. Instead, the band has shared the rawkin' new song 'The One That You Hated.' The song is from the band's currently untitled album and it's a sweet taste of what's to come.

It's got hooky verses and larger-than-life choruses that are of course inspired by the '80s, which is the drummer's most fruitful period, but it's also very modern, too. We're feeling the harmonies and of course, that off-the-hook percussion.

About his latest musical project, Adler said, “I love the music that we’re creating! I haven’t been this excited about my band since the GN’R days.”

That's a big statement right there, but the song embeds itself into your brain, so Adler is onto something here!