This should go without saying, but taking selfies with a band onstage is a really dumb, obnoxious move. Unless there's a rare occurrence where a singer directs you to get onstage and take your selfie, you should just let the band do their thing. Incredibly, some doofus at a recent Converge show thought it would be a cool idea to get onstage with the band, and take his selfie.

Before we actually watch this video, it's worth asking: what thought process would lead one to think Converge would be cool with this? The music is dark and unrelenting, the band members themselves don't give off a "fun" vibe. Stagediving? Yeah sure, they're a hardcore band. A selfie? Come on!

The video shows this all taking place when a dude pretty much stops the song for his selfie and puts his arm around singer Jacob Bannon. The band stops playing, and the whole crowd starts booing. The guy tries to stage dive to get away, and the crowd very quickly moves out of the way, letting him deservedly hit the floor. A real "Phoenix In Flight."

This has happened before, a couple of years ago another concertgoer attempted to take a selfie with Every Time I Die on stage, only to get kicked by their guitarist Jordan Buckley. Who knows, maybe we really should start locking up all phones at gigs to prevent this from happening.

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