SXSW is a great place to see a lot of bands over the course of week, but you may also find yourself having to fight the lines to make things work out just as you hoped. But what if you could find a way to beat the lines? When it comes to Mazda + Hype Machine's Hype Hotel, you can with the help of a "Fast Pass."

Mazda + Hype Machine's Hype Hotel promises to be the place to be during SXSW in Austin with a wealth of acts from a variety of genres taking the stage throughout the week (click the button below for a full lineup). Not to mention, Mazda is offering some interesting activations at the Hype Hotel. Mazda's exclusive projection and audio installations include projection mapping where guests can control the content they see on the display car outside as it becomes a canvas of custom looks and environments. There is also a Spectrum Analyzer located inside Hype Hotel venue that uses LED lighting to create patterns of soft colors to the music in the background. And while there, artists and bloggers can relax in the Mazda Artist Lounge, while the Mazda Studio will provide a space for artists to provide intimate performances and in-person interviews. So making sure you gain entry to Mazda + Hype Machine's Hype Hotel should be of utmost interest.

So how do you get a "Fast Pass"? Every time you tweet using the #HypeON and #MazdaSXSW hashtags during SXSW, you will be automatically entered to win a FastPass to skip the line at the Hype Hotel. The more you tweet the hashtags #HypeON and #MazdaSXSW, the better chance to win. Winners will receive a Direct Message with info on how to claim their prize. There will be Fast Passes granted for each session every day so if you don't win one day, tweet again. For more information, click here.

So be sure to check out all that the Mazda + Hype Machine's Hype Hotel has to offer. Brought to you by Mazda, presenting sponsor of Hype Hotel at SXSW. #MazdaSXSW #HypeON.

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