Parents are always so happy to show off pictures of their adorable babies doing adorable things. But no couple should feel more proud than one whose baby throws up metal horns in the womb. English couple Jodie Lee and Davie Langham brought a metal baby into the world a year and a half ago.

During the 24-week ultrasound, baby Isla threw up the "sign of the horns" made famous to the rock and metal community by none other than the late Ronnie James Dio. Talk about being camera ready!

According to People, Lee describes Isla's father as being "massively into music." The pair played music for the baby through headphones while Lee was still pregnant with her, and she apparently became a huge fan herself.

“As soon as she hears music, even from a passing car, she’ll stop, put both her hands in the air and bounce up and down or shake her bum. She never stops," Lee praises of her daughter, who is now 18 months old. "Isla showed her love of music before she even arrived and now she’s our little rock chick.”

Another baby threw up the horns a few years ago in Utah, as well, so we have a whole new generation of metalheads coming up. These parents deserve awards for teaching 'em young.

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