Sometimes words just don't do justice in conveying how you want to respond to something. We all know the age-old expressions of "actions speak louder than words" and "a picture is worth a thousand words," so responding with an emoji is often the way to go.

Well, if you've ever received a text that said, "I just heard Dio on the radio!" the only way to truly respond is with an image of the hand gesture of the metal horns. Until now, the inability to do this has plagued thousands, no, millions, of texters around the world. Apple has now brought this problem to an end with the introduction of the metal horns emoji with the latest iOS update!

For those of you with an iPhone, if you download the iOS 9.1 update you can finally respond to all of those texts in the proper fashion by sending back the metal horns! Popularized by Ronnie James Dio, the sign is actually made to ward off evil, but the similarity between the gesture and heavy metal's greatest icon, the devil, was too difficult to ignore and the sign was universally adopted by metal fans.

The iOS update also includes the middle finger, another prevalent gesture in metal! Say "so long" to the arduous process of opening up your camera app, taking a picture of yourself saluting with the horns or flipping the bird, going back into your texting app and attaching the picture you just took. Whew, we're just as glad as you are that those days are now behind us!

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