What kind of coffee would your favorite metal band or subgenre be?

Because a fan on TikTok has boiled down the comparison between metal and metalcore using coffee, and the comments it's drawn are interesting.

The viral video is from KatieLeigh37 (@ktpineapple__) on TikTok, a creator and influencer who listens to metal and frequently makes clips about the music and its culture. Recently, she struck a chord with her take on metal versus metalcore via different manners of java.

In the video, the metal-loving TikToker says, "I feel like the best way to describe metalcore versus metal music is to compare it to coffee. Like metal would be straight espresso — it takes an acquired taste, it's a little more aggressive."

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She continues, "And then metalcore is like a latte. Does it have espresso or metal in it? Yes, it does. But it also has some sweet qualities that make it easier to adjust to. So milk, almond milk, vanilla, caramel. But it's got the metal in it. It's got the espresso. Does that make sense?"

Watch the video below.

KatieLeigh37 Explains the Difference Between Metal + Metalcore With Coffee

The comments on the TikTok clip offered further comparisons of metal genres and coffee, before turning to what types of coffee commenters think certain metal bands are.

What Coffee Is Your Favorite Metal Band?

"Death metal is just eating espresso beans whole like m&m's," one commenter wrote. "Sleep Token has a little salted caramel and oat milk," another said. "Bad Omens is a iced caramel macchiato," one added.

How about deathcore? "I don't know why but now i think lorna shore is an espresso martini," someone said. "Or do you have a better comparison?"  KatieLeigh37 replied, "This checks out."

So, do you know what type of coffee your favorite metal band or subgenre would be?

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