Think you can handle a Metallica and Van Halen mashup that has James Hetfield singing the lyrics from "Enter Sandman" over the bounce of Van Halen's "Panama"? Then you're ready for "Enter Panaman."

Mike G, a widely followed music instructor on YouTube who operates under the handle The-Art-of-Guitar, created the mashup and shared it on the video site last week. And for all his talent at mixing bands' milieux, it seems he usually keeps his channel to instructional videos for musicians instead of rock and metal mashups. Regardless, "Enter Panaman" could undoubtedly serve as a shock to the senses if a listener started playing it without knowing what was in store.

Listen to the Metallica and Van Halen sonic meet-up down toward the bottom of this post.

On his website, Mike says he originally started his The Art of Guitar platform "to teach my nephew (who lives in another state) guitar, but realized that everyone could also benefit from my decades of playing and teaching experience. It's a great feeling to know that anyone can learn guitar from me and even when I'm too old to play, the information will still be available to make the world a more musical place."

However, on April 10, Mike took off his guitar teacher hat, if just for a moment, to dip his toe in the world of mashups by combining the slam of Metallica with the showmanship of Van Halen.

"Was rocking out to Panama," the YouTuber explains, "and this idea just popped into my head so I had to make it real. haha. Can't believe how well they work together in most sections."

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