Middle Class Rut's darkly morbid fascination is continuing with their latest video for 'Aunt Betty,' and Loudwire is proud to bring you the clip's exclusive premiere (watch below).

Fans of the band may remember the video for their breakout single 'New Low,' which found the members surviving a hanging, a firing squad and being drug from a truck. The group's dark sense of humor shone through with that video and it's carrying over to their new clip for 'Aunt Betty.'

In the video, the band's singer-drummer Sean Stockham stars as the titular character, a walker-toting drum master and her trailer park caregiver. Together they troll the highways looking for roadkill to grill and tossed aside trinkets, but their venture into a desolate area leads them to cross a motorcycle gang who torment the pair and leave them for dead. The Lance Drake-directed clip, which looks as though it was shot with 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' in mind, can be seen below.

"We knew we wanted [singer-guitarist] Zack [Lopez] to be pushing me around in a wheelchair, but that was the extent of our vision for this video," says Stockham. "We expressed that small idea to our friend Lance, who had directed our first two videos, and he really ran with it. I’m pretty sure he's still running, somewhere. The filming was an ultra-surreal and unusual experience, but at the same time, it didn’t feel that far-fetched. In fact, it seemed totally possible. A missed exit here, a strange encounter there, maybe some sort of shady transaction involving not very much money and some homecooked blue-belly barney dope. One thing stumbles into another, next thing you know you're in an airstream, you're neither he nor she, and you're very very sketched out. Aunt Betty?"

'Aunt Betty' is the lead single from Middle Class Rut's latest album, 'Pick Up Your Head,' which is due June 25 via Bright Antenna Records. The band's Zack Lopez and Sean Stockham produced the album, then employed Grammy winning producer Dave Sardy to mix the effort. The 'Pick Up Your Head' album is currently available for pre-order here.

The group recently revealed their participation in the 2013 Uproar Festival, which finds them playing alongside Alice in Chains, Jane's Addiction and others. Prior to the summer run, the band will play a string of dates in May to help build the buzz leading up to their album's release. Middle Class Rut's full itinerary can be seen here.

Watch Middle Class Rut's 'Aunt Betty' Video