The future of Linkin Park still hangs in the balance as we near the one year anniversary of the death of Chester Bennington. Mike Shinoda has remained occupied with his Post Traumatic solo EP and full length record, but in a recent interview, affirmed that he is still "open" to the possibility of playing with Linkin Park again.

"I don't know. I'm just taking it one step at a time and keeping my mind open to the possibilities," Shinoda began telling United Rock Nations (audio below)," continuing, "Whether it's doing things under my name or working with other artists or producing tracks for somebody else or if the guys are at a point where they wanna play Linkin Park shows, I'm sure that any of those things are possibilities and I'm just open to whatever happens."

As for now, though, he said he's focused on promoting his solo material and is excited to see how it grows and develops as he navigates different performance settings.

In June, Shinoda lamented that Linkin Park aren't in a situation like AC/DC where Bon Scott had told his bandmates about this great singer named Brian Johnson, whom he saw perform with the band Geordie. Noting that the band receives offers to play, he explained of the situation to possibly play, "You have one guy who's, like, 'I definitely don't want to do it,' and you have one guy who says, 'I don't know. Maybe. Maybe we shouldn't do it,' and two guys who say, 'We definitely need to do it,' and then there's concerns,"

These words are looser than the more definitive statements Shinoda made at the beginning of the year. In January, he tweeted, "I have every intention on continuing with LP, and the guys feel the same," to a fan who asked what the band's future looked like, cautioning, "We have a lot of rebuilding to do, and questions to answer, so it’ll take time."

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