Here are the most and least played songs live off each Metallica album and, as a bonus, all of the band's original songs that were never performed.

Known for varying their setlists from night to night, city to city, a live Metallica show is always an exciting experience and one fans go to with the understanding that just about any song could theoretically be on the table... just probably not "Escape" because the band hates that track.

While rarities are always lurking as a setlist possibility, there's always going to be a handful of classics that are staples of the band's live performances. Finding the ideal balance is a common struggle amongst bands when determining what songs to play on tour, but it's one Metallica have managed rather well over the decades. It's a massive priority to ensure they deliver something unique for fans each night, and it has to be refreshing mixing things up so frequently.

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And, of course, there's just some songs that will never make it to the stage, resigned to the deepest of deep cut status existing in studio form only. One can only theorize why these particular songs were never performed for the masses, but we can all hold out hope that perhaps one day some of these cuts will enjoy their time beneath the bright lights.

Take a look below to dive into some Metallica tour stats!

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