Here are 25 great name checks in rock and metal songs.

We’re fans of music, but so are the artists who record it. So it’s really no surprise that many acts find ways to pay homage to their idols in song. Often referred to as the “name check,” acts have famously worked in some of their peers, some of their forefathers in the genre and even called out a few pop culture references along the way.

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There’s a rather large amount of times of this happening throughout the years, but we’ve tried to keep it to rock artists and songs and putting a spotlight on those they choose to honor. Did you realize exactly how much Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo actually looks like Buddy Holly? Do you know which classic acts inspired the Ramones to become punk rock icons? And who gave Sum 41 that harder edge that most pop-punk bands don’t have? It’s all in the name checks.

So join us as we scroll through some of our favorite name checks in the list below.

25 Great Name Checks in Rock + Metal Songs

Gallery Credit: Chad Childers

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