British extreme metal pioneers Napalm Death are set to release their highly anticipated album 'Utilitarian' in late February. With all the excitement building for the album, Napalm Death have launched 'Occupy Napalm' to show support for the movement whilst delivering the latest news about 'Utilitarian' to their fans.

The 'Occupy Napalm' tactic is part of the band's Facebook page and offers a four-minute trailer for 'Utilitarian' as well as 'Occupy Napalm' spray paint stencils and pro-Occupy wallpapers.

We recently had the opportunity to talk to Napalm Death frontman Mark "Barney" Greenway about the band's 'Occupy Napalm' campaign.

"What it is really is a show of solidarity," explains Greenway. "It's something that we talked about a little bit, because obviously what I didn't want to do is to seem if we were just brazenly using it as an absolute selling point. Of course that would be a little bit selfish and it would detract from what the Occupy movement has achieved. It's our solidarity statement."

We asked Greenway about what the people of the UK think of 'Occupy' and how its perceived in his home country.

"Generally I would say that they agree with it," Greenway said. They feel as sick and tired as everybody else. They are sick and tired of inequality - how the hierarchical structure of society have meant for some people to be left in the dirt - and if you get left in the dirt - then tough. Why should that be? How can that continue? To me it's not sustainable."

Greenway continued, "The Occupy movement is something different to me and I'd hate to sound trite when I say this, but I think the Occupy movement is a genuine voice of the people."

Stay tuned for our full interview with the Napalm Death frontman, which will be posted soon.

Napalm Death's 'Utilitarian' will see a Feb. 28 release in North America. Additionally, the band has been confirmed as one of the main acts for the 2012 Maryland Deathfest.