Extreme metal pioneers Napalm Death have just made their 14th studio album 'Utilitarian' available for streaming. Although the album won't be available to purchase until Feb. 28, the band has decided to share their pummeling record with fans at this location.

Napalm Death's upcoming work 'Utilitarian' has proven to be one of 2012's most highly-anticipated albums. We recently spoke with Napalm Death frontman Mark "Barney" Greenway about a number of topics including politics, the 'Occupy' movement and the significance of the title, 'Utilitarian,' which references the philosophy of creating the greatest amount of happiness for oneself and the majority of the human race.

"The Utilitarian thing has aspects to it which I definitely see in my own life and in other people's lives, but I'm not entirely sure whether I am one or not, because it also has characteristics that are used by some people that I definitely wouldn't agree with," remarks Greenway. "For example, the achievement of total happiness needing to be achieved at all costs - that could mean the acquisition of wealth or power. If that means negatively affecting other people along the way, that's just something I can not concur with."

Stay tuned for our full interview with Greenway, which will be posted very soon.

Greenway will be taking part in a very special online live chat today (Feb. 24) to discuss the new album and take questions from fans. The chat will take place at 4 PM EST through Yowie.

Napalm Death's 'Utilitarian' is set to assault your eardrums on Feb. 28.