After doing a considerable job building the buzz over the last few months, David Draiman revealed the first taste of new music from his band Device over the weekend. 'Vilify' will officially be released as a single this week, but Draiman got ahead of a leak by tweeting out a link to the track on Sunday. Our question to you in today's Readers Poll is what your opinion is on the new song.

Draiman stated at the beginning of the project that it leaned to a more industrial side than what he did with Disturbed and now fans can judge for themselves. How does 'Vilify' stack up to your expectations of what Device the band would be? Do you love the song? Does it still remind you of Disturbed? Or did it fail to live up to what you hoped for?

We've added the song at the bottom of this post for you to give it one more listen. Check out the track one more time and then let us know in the poll below which response most closely identifies your feelings on Device's 'Vilify.'

Listen to Device's 'Vilify'