We recently had the pleasure of having David Draiman in our studio, and in this latest installment of our series of video interviews with the rock vocalist, he discusses Disturbed's future, fatherhood and the fate of his other band Device.

When asked whether Disturbed will go back to a regular album cycle following the five year wait between their 2010 album Asylum and their recently released disc Immortalized, Draiman said, "From here on out, whenever Disturbed does get back together, it will be an event."

The singer and his wife welcomed a baby boy named Samuel Bear in 2013, but Draiman says being a father hasn't tamed his approach to songwriting. In fact, Draiman said having a son has fueled his fire even more, even relaying a situation where he was ready to go to fisticuffs to defend his little boy. You have to hear that story in the video above.

As for his industrial side project Device, don't count on a new album from that group. Draiman says his sole focus musically right now is Disturbed.

Check out the video above to see Draiman's thoughts on all of those topics. Disturbed's Immortalized is available now at iTunes. Look for the band to head out on tour in 2016. See their North American dates here.

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