Open wide! Up-and-comers New Language have one of the more unique looking videos you'll see this year and they've teamed with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere for "Everybody Screams."

The clip finds each of the band members front and center against assorted backdrops, but their faces have been replaced by giant mouths bellowing out the lyrical content. It's a visual that's hard to look away from and definitely grabs the eye.

"Times are strange right now," say the band. "We could all benefit from taking a step back and realizing we all have problems, we all have opinions, and we’re all not always right. Sometimes the best path forward is to stop trying to rationalize perspectives you don’t understand and pursue the humanity we all share … unless you’re a nazi."

The song is the title track from their EP of the same name, which is due Sept. 8. The hard-rocking foursome are fairly fresh to the game, forming in 2016. Frontman Tyler Demorest and guitarist Matt Cohen put together the band and jump started their career by opening for Gone Is Gone on their very first show in Los Angeles. The band's debut full-length album Come Alive was produced by Gone Is Gone and At the Drive In drummer Tony Hajjar. Now they're ready to add to their catalog of songs with the Everybody Screams EP.

"We’ve been working on new music throughout the year and decided we wanted to celebrate the residency by picking a few of our new songs and releasing them as an EP," say the band in a statement. "We linked up Alex Newport to bring his ear and production style to the new material and within two weeks of meeting up we were finished. It sounds huge and we’re ready to start playing them live."

Look for the band working their new music into sets as they play a hometown residency at the Satellite in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles every Monday in September starting on Sept. 4. The group also has a Sept. 2 show booked for the Slidebar in nearby Fullerton, Calif. "Right after we launched, we quickly jumped on a national tour," added the group, "The only problem was it didn’t stop at our hometown so we haven’t played many shows locally. We all live in L.A. and the residency is exactly what we’re looking for."

Digital pre-orders for the new EP will start this Saturday (Sept. 2) via the band's website. In addition to "Everybody Screams," the EP also comes with the songs "Show Me," "Out of My Head" and "Area Code."

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