We all know Ozzy Osbourne as the 'Prince of Darkness,' but can it be that the Black Sabbath singer is actually be a vampire. In a recent interview, not only did Ozzy spill some interesting details about Sabbath's next album, '13,' but the singer also shared a story on how "fried" he was after spending just 20 minutes in the sun.

During an interview with The West Australian to promote Black Sabbath's current string of Australian tour dates, Ozzy dished on how proud he is about the finished product known as '13.' "It's a masterpiece as far as I'm concerned," begins Ozzy. "I heard the finished thing last week and I've got to be truthful with you, I was so bowled over by the way it sounded. If you liked Black Sabbath in the old days, you got to love '13.' It's very heavy. It's very, VERY heavy. I'm my own worst critic. Rather than the pluses I look for the minuses. And I haven't been this excited for an album in a long, long time. I can't remember the last time."

The Sabbath singer also spoke about his hatred of sunlight after experiencing some serious sunburn after being exposed to daylight for a mere 20 minutes in Perth, Australia. "I thought 'Well, I'll just grab a bit of a suntan. I sat on this wall for about 20 minutes and I was fried. I had to spend 30 hours on a plane on fire. I don't lie in the sun anymore because that frightened the crap out of me. One of the guys in the band said, 'You wanna get in a hot shower to take the sting away'. So I did that and I nearly died."

Regarding Ozzy's newly found sobriety after a recent 18-month relapse, the singer seemed confident that after countless years of battling addiction, a sober life will finally stick. "I don't do anything anymore," Ozzy proudly states. "I don't drink or smoke."

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