New year, new resolutions, but here's one we could all do a little better with. And Paul Stanley is the man putting the challenge to social media users, hoping for a better shared experience, or at least one that's had a little more thought put into it. The KISS musician has posed the idea that social media users spend a little more time on research before spouting their opinions on any number of topics.

"Happy New Year," starts Stanley, before adding, "Let’s stop with 'I’m entitled to my opinion.' At what cost to this world? If you haven’t done your own credible fact based research or parrot what you’ve heard or been told, YOU are part of the problem and the damage it causes. We all deserve more from each other."

Stanley's comments have yielded a fair amount of discussion on X, with some acknowledging the positive sentiment behind it, while others have not the potential pitfalls in the singer's premise.

"We need open debate and discussion," remarked one of his followers on X. "Another way of saying the same thing is: you don’t have to post any old thing just because you can," added another.

One other follower noted how difficult this can be in today's disinformation age, noting, "I can research the hell out of anything. If I’m correct , and others don’t like it? Change the narrative or the facts to FIT said narrative. One person’s RESEARCH is another’s disinformation. I trust ZERO I dont experience- first hand."

See a sampling of the other responses to Stanley's social media challenge below:

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Paul Stanley's Past Critiques of Communication Presentation

In 2021, when actress Gina Carano was dismissed from The Mandalorian over her shared viewpoints in the media, Stanley was among those who weighed in on "cancel culture," noting, "Look, political views — this whole cancel culture is so dangerous, the idea that people can't speak their mind. That's what freedom is all about. And to lose your job because you've got something to say, even if I find it offensive — I've gotta live with that." He further quipped, "Plus, she can kick my ass."

In 2020, he also called out on Twitter what he saw as biased reporting by the major news networks, noting, "The divisive and dangerous climate in America is in large part the result of 24 HOUR 'NEWS' CHANNELS WHICH ARE IN FACT SKEWED AND BIASED POLITICAL OUTLETS . Any point of view can be backed up with some sort of documentation and 'expert' analysis and that is the key problem. News?!? No. We are watching slick entertainment channels pushing their own agenda and a reality which then becomes yours."

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