New Orleans has spawned some notable bands and artists over the years, and the city's heavy metal scene and history are explored in the documentary 'NOLA: Life, Death & Heavy Blues From the Bayou.' You can watch the first episode of the 7-part series above via Noisey.

The debut episode focuses a lot on Philip Anselmo, who is interviewed at his Nosferatu's Lair studio. He discusses his own bands like Pantera and Down, but also the other New Orleans bands and musicians he came up with and the surprising impact of a Melvins concert on the local scene.

One of the lesser-known bands he talks about is Shell Shock, which was formed in 1980 as a hardcore punk group and included Kirk Windstein on guitar/vocals and Jimmy Bower on drums. After the suicide of one of the members, they changed their name to Aftershock and their sound evolved as well. They eventually became Wrequiem, then the Slugs, and finally, Crowbar.

Bower and Windstein are interviewed in the first episode, as is Down's Pepper Keenan, Goatwhore's Sammy Duet and others. Towards the end of the clip, there's archived footage of an emotional video statement Anselmo recorded shortly after Dimebag Darrell's funeral.

Stay tuned as new episodes of the documentary are made available.

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