It's been one of the biggest stories of 2016. Philip Anselmo took the stage earlier this year at the Dimebash benefit and during his appearance, raised his hand in a Nazi salute and exclaimed "White power," which was followed by quite a bit of backlash including the cancellation of shows by his band Down. Though Anselmo has repeatedly expressed his regret for his actions and publicly apologized, it's a story that has continued to follow him throughout the year. During an appearance on Eddie Trunk's SiriusXM Volume show, Anselmo opened up about the incident and let loose on two of his peers -- Machine Head's Robb Flynn and Anthrax's Scott Ian -- who were publicly critical of him in the days after the incident.

During the interview, Anselmo revealed that during his performance at Dimebash, he was getting "more and more aggravated by these two or three little hecklers" who had been screaming "racist" at him. After a while, the singer says he took the bait. "When people start screaming racist, over and over and over and over again at me, what I did was show them what was the ugliest possible thing I could think of at the time was," says Anselmo. "They were looking for what they got and sadly I gave it to them." Though he had been drinking, the singer adds, "What I did was absolutely stupid and I own it, I own it. Instead of pawning it off on oh I was drunk or whatever, I did it. It's on video."

When Trunk questioned him about what he called the "pounce" culture in modern society, Anselmo addressed Machine Head's Robb Flynn and Anthrax's Scott Ian, who made headlines with their public commentaries on Phil's actions after it happened.

"These so called peers, those are your words, who gave me backlash need to take a good cold stare in the mirror themselves and anyone else who throws that word racism or racist around so freely, they need to understand the implications of said word," says Anselmo. "It's a heavy duty implication when you don't know jack s--t about me except what you've seen on what … a live performance, music videos, interviews? Whatever!"

He went on to speak of his history growing up in the South around all kinds of people from different races and orientations and the work he's done for inner city kids.

Of Flynn, he stated, "It all comes down to and straight up, he wants to ride the coattails" and later challenged Flynn to share what he's done to better the community around him.

"Look at how virtuous I am, and that's where little Robert comes in. Look at me, what, living in California? You're going to compare that sh-t to living in the south? You're out of your f--king mind," stated Anselmo, continuing, "He had ulterior motives and then you've got Scott Ian, who, the day after it happened, he wrote me some e-mail and 'Phil, what I saw was ugly and whatever,' so says the guy who wrote a record called Speak English or Die. If that record were to come out this year or last year, f--kin' forget it. Think he'd get pounced on? You're damn right he would and he knows it. Virtue! Virtue! Virtue signal … or if you're really sorry, donate to this Nazi hunter Jewish cause or whatever. I did it in an hour. Did you ever hear about that story? Of course you didn't. You know why? It doesn't make good headlines. I donated that hour if not that goddamn second."

When Trunk discussed the idea of going to the source before making comments and getting the full context, Anselmo concluded, "Context doesn't matter to these SJW's -- social justice warriors." You can watch Anselmo's interview in full above and jump ahead to around the 21 minute mark if you want to hear Phil's full discussion in response to the Dimebash incident.

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