Santa Claus has been depicted in so many different iterations across centuries, but our favorite has to be rock and metal Santa, so we rounded up over a dozen photos as our gift to you... and ourselves. We can make ourselves laugh too if we want!

Because you are all on our Nice List this year, we've even went ahead and named all the different Santas. Flashing the horns behind a DJ booth is Nu-Metal Santa, who definitely thought Limp Bizkit were cool this whole time, not only since Fred Durst debuted his dad outfit at Lollapalooza in 2021.

Who's that sliding down the chimney like Bruce Springsteen across the stage? Powerslide Santa, that's who!

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And, because Santa and Satan both use the same exact letter, submit an offering to the dark one — Sacrificial Santa, who wields an axe and a skull.

There's more hee-hee-hees to these ho-ho-hos in the photos below.

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