Since Christmas in July is a thing, lets all remember the black metal Christmas photo that warmed the cockles of our coal-laden hearts last year. In December 2021, a photo of a 30 year-old woman and her small family, decked out in Norwegian Death Metal garb and Corpse paint next to a mall Santa, went viral. Daughter Charlie, 4-years-old, is in the smilin' Ol' Saint Nick's lap.

Newsweek (of all publications) picked up on the photo, seen on Instagram below. Lexis Baker said the pic was her boyfriend Rhett's idea.

Lexis Baker's Black Metal Xmas

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"He said the only thing he wanted for Christmas was for us to take pictures with Santa the way he wanted. Santa just treated us like any other family, he was super sweet. The cameraman was like 17-years-old and before he took the picture he said 'everyone smiles...or not.'"

Boyfriend Rhett envisioned the juxtaposition of traditional Christmas vs. Black Metal. "There is nothing better than high contrast," said Rhett. "Take the concept of good old family Xmas and mix it with good old church burning Norwegian death metal and I had a feeling you might get a funny picture. Corpse paint has been in the metal scene since Alice Cooper and so many other old metal bands but I was definitely inspired by the band Mayhem the most."

The accompanying video on TikTok has over four million views. It follows the gang on their post photo trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Awesome.

Black Metal Chuck E Cheese Adventure

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