The new Prophets of Rage self-titled album is here to listen to in all its glory. But the album being out is definitely not the end of the Prophets' quest, as the group has released a new video for their song "Hail to the Chief."

The video offers a scathing vision of the Donald Trump presidency. Photos of Trump hotels and the White House inter-splice with images of victims hanging from nooses. A vision of the world on fire is quickly blocked out with shots of Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence glad-handing with Vladimir Putin. The song is a thumping jam of a track, and as it progresses its sights become set clearly on Pence, who Prophets of Rage imply is the real puppet master behind the presidency.

On Facebook, rapper Chuck D wrote the following statement. "Pay Attention is what the Prophets Of Rage latest video is saying . Don't let a new Fascism appear wanted normal or sane. While TRUMPOTUS appears to be a parody and whipping of mass distraction. The Donald will either be impeached or bow out from his own trumped up reasons. VP Pence is not a clown. He's dead serious, the heir apparent who knows US governing and the law. The one to watch with the world in his hands. ... Pay Attention to the inevitable Hailing To The Chief #46. The SusPEnce of The Thief Of Peace .. and he didn't even .....Run - Chuck D"

We recently spoke with Tom Morello about the album, and he said playing in Prophets of Rage is the most accomplished he's felt musically in a group setting. He spoke about that the music has had the power to connect people with divergent view points, "They may completely disagree with the politics but ... I run into people who either had their minds changed or been to open to a new set of ideas by music. That happened to me with The Clash and Public Enemy, where great music introduced me to a set of ideas that were not a part of my world that made me re-examine my world. I think that’s going to be happening a lot with Prophets of Rage."

Check out Prophets of Rage's video for "Hail to the Chief" above!

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