Protest the Hero raised $341,000 independently through Indiegogo to fund their new album 'Volition.' Fans of the band absolutely threw their hard-earned money at Protest the Hero, and with the new track 'Drumhead Trial,' the Canadian band is certainly giving those fans their money's worth.

Protest the Hero's breakout release was the brilliant and progressive 'Fortress' in 2008. The group's fan base has skyrocketed in the years since, proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by the enormous sum of money donated by fans who simply want to new album from Protest the Hero.

In September, Protest the Hero revealed the album art for 'Volition' along with the disc's first single, 'Clarity,' which later received an hilarious music video where 'Star Trek' fans step toe-to-toe with 'Star Wars' fans for an ultimate nerd battle. Protest the Hero's dynamic new single 'Drumhead Trial' is simply stunning and is a must-hear for fans, along with all those curious about the group.

Singer Rody Walker unleashes his inner Bruce Dickinson during certain portions of 'Drumhead Trial' before guest vocalist Kayla Howran accompanies Walker towards the end of the song. Meanwhile, the instrumental section of Protest the Hero, featuring guest guitarist Ron Jarzombek (Watchtower / Blotted Science), pummel away with progressive and ultra-technical mastery.

Protest the Hero posted about 'Drumhead Trial' via Facebook earlier today (Oct. 2):

Although it was not our initial intention to release this song next... we have put up an official copy of "Drumhead Trial" for you guys to hear.

We heard a bunch of terrible versions of this on youtube after it aired on radio in the US. If you had the misfortune of hearing one of these monstrosities - our sincerest.
Hopefully you can at least rip your heartless comments on a version that sounds a little better.

I hope you are all happy - the people have won this round ha!

This song features our friend Kayla Howran ripping some vocals toward the end!

It also features Ron Jarzombek destroying Luke in a trade-off guitar solo!


In other Protest the Hero news, it turns out that the 'Volition' album artwork originally revealed will not be the record's actual cover, but instead the art for an outer CD container:

Today we launch a unique, interactive fan-sourcing experience to reveal the Jeff Jordan-created artwork for our forthcoming album 'Volition'. Playing off the night vision-equipped vultures featured in the artwork, each fan’s visibility is restricted to the immediate area surrounding their cursor, giving them limited access to the illustration. Each visitor’s viewfinder moves simultaneously amongst the others, forming a real-time flock of crowd-sourced clarity – fans must work together to expand their collective vision and reveal the artwork in its entirety.

Check out Protest the Hero's new offering 'Drumhead Trial' above! 'Volition' will see an Oct. 29 release date. To pre-order the album, click here. To help reveal the true cover art for 'Volition,' click here.