Rammstein are incredibly active this week. The German industrial aggro warriors announced a North American tour set to take place this spring and now they've released behind-the-scenes footage from their campy, beach-set 'Mein Land' video.

This footage is longer than the actual vid itself –it's nearly a half-hour in length, so if you're going to watch it, realize that you are making a commitment. It's also in German, but has subtitles, so you'll need to pay attention. By nature of these two facts, it's NSFW. So if you've got 30 minutes, take a gander at it this weekend. It's certainly entertaining and worth the investment of time you'd make.

In the clip, the band says it always dreamed of doing a beach video with a bunch of girls, which is a stark contrast to the dark, subterranean music. The band mentions that rap videos always have lots and lots of girls. Rock stars can't be upstaged by rappers and hip-hoppers, so Rammstein decided to feature lots of pretty ladies in bathing suits.

The video's pastel colors were also used to reflect another time and another era, when things were simpler and, well, brighter. Who knew Rammstein were so nostalgic and sentimental?

Watch Rammstein Behind-the-Scenes footage from 'Mein Land' Video