Red have returned with their first new music since their 2017 studio album Gone. "The Evening Hate" is a new single by the rockers, paired with a war-stricken video. The track is the band's first release through their brand new label, Red Entertainment.

"The evening hate" is a phrase that was coined in 1915 by frontline soldiers during World War I, who sought shelter in trenches during warfare. "While we all experience or witness hate throughout life, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, we all have the ability to crawl out and rise above such a tremendous adversary, hell bent on division and destruction. Without hate, the world would never know what true love really is,” proclaims bassist Randy Armstrong.

“After beginning a war against an evil that wanted to control us all in the last video, ‘The Evening Hate’ picks up right where that left off," Armstrong continues. "The song itself is about relentless hate that never ends, and what better way to depict hate than through war...The video is a fitting representation in that it depicts the chaos of conflict and the hate that fuels it. It’s up to us to crawl out of the hate and press on. The world would never know what true love is if hate didn’t exist."

See the short film directed by and starring the band below.

Red Entertainment, the group's newly launched label, has paired with Nashville-based The Fuel Music for distribution to streaming services. “We had the option of re-signing with our former label, but after much consideration, we decided that branching out and starting our own label platform was the best move,” says Armstrong, citing their loyal fanbase nicknamed "Rednation."

Guitarist Anthony Armstrong adds, "We want the next chapter of Red to be the most-true to who we are as a band, and it’s the fans that have always kept us going. Now with total control, fans won't have to wait for music to come out every two to three years! We can do what we want, when we want and with whomever we want in order to make the best rock music we know how.”

While Red have not yet announced plans for a new album, the band intends to release more music over the summer, in addition to pursuing a fall tour to support the 10th anniversary of their sophomore album, Innocence & Instinct.

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