What is going on with Saving Abel? The veteran rock band appears to be embroiled in a dispute between founding members Jared Weeks and Jason Null about the future of the band, with Null issuing a statement via the band's Facebook that their reunion with Weeks had ended, with Weeks then contradicting that statement through the group's X account.

On Saturday (Jan. 13) evening, a message appeared on Saving Abel's Facebook page that read as follows:

Hello Saving Abel Family,

Our reunion with Jared has ended and he is no longer with the band. Due to unforeseen differences that have arose we could not continue to acquiesce with the decisions being made by him and his management team.

We have been taking this time to collect ourselves and are eager to make some announcements soon. At this time we can say this, we love you all and are looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

- The Band.

Weeks had been the singer through the band's breakout years, fronting the group between 2004 and 2013 before exiting for a solo career. Over that span, the band scored Top 10 Mainstream Rock radio hits with "Addicted," "18 Days," "Drowning," "Stupid Girl" and "The Sex Is Good," and continued charting through the 2012 single "Bringing Down the Giant." The singer returned to the group in 2021.

Shortly after Saving Abel's Facebook post on Saturday, which apparently came from the band's guitarist and co-founder Jason Null, Weeks posted on the Saving Abel X account, claiming that he had been booted as an adminstrator from the band's Facebook account by Null and that reports of his exit were erroneous. His comments on the situation can be read below:

So guys -

Jason Null got on the Saving Abel Facebook page and kicked me and Saving Abel's management off the administration of the page. I and everyone connected to me that previously had access are completely locked out. Now I see he posted a message he sent tonight without any discussion or permission to do so.

I own half the brand and have no plans to leave Saving Abel. I'm being hijacked. This simply isn't right and I'm at a loss for words. I did NOT KNOW about this at all and would never have the fans I love so much find out like this, even if it was true - which it completely isn't. My team will be handling this with our attorneys and this is not the end. Just know that everyone.

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The conflicting statements and actions appear that there is at least a dispute concerning how the band will move forward. At present, no tour dates are listed on their website and they haven't issued a new full-length album since 2014's Blood Stained Revolution. They have, however, issued a trio of non-album singles since Weeks returned to the group. They took on "Counting Stars" with OneRepublic, while also releasing the tracks "Baptize Me" and "Fire."

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