Scott Weiland is appearing on two different albums this spring, though one has more of his support than the other. Weiland and his band The Wildabouts just released their Blaster album last month, and the vocalist also appears on the new disc from Art of Anarchy. But the rocker continues to distance himself from the latter project.

In a new interview with About, Weiland says that even though he lent vocals to Art of Anarchy, it was never his intent to be part of the group. "I wish I could say I was surprised [I was mentioned as a member], but I wasn't surprised. It was a scam from the beginning."

The vocalist reveals that he was paid to do some vocals for an unsigned band and claims he didn't even know who was part of the group at the time. "I worked in my studio with my engineer and I wrote the lyrics and melodies and I sent them back," says Weiland. "I didn't even know what their names were." The supergroup also features Guns N' Roses guitarist Bumblefoot and Disturbed bassist John Moyer, among others.

He continues, "They're gonna put it out on the Internet and as fate will have it, they don't even have a lead singer. I'm not worried about it taking any thunder away from the Wildabouts." However, the band just released a video for "Til the Dust Is Gone" that features Weiland, and is planning a June 2 album street date.

As for the Wildabouts, the band was dealt a blow on the eve of their Blaster album release when guitarist Jeremy Brown passed away. But despite the loss of such a key member, Weiland says plans are still in order to promote the album. "Blaster was an album that was written by a band. If a person dies in a band, you don't break up the band and not promote the album. That’s not what Jeremy would have wanted us to do. Yeah, I'm gonna quit? No, you don't do that. If a soldier goes down, you keep on fighting. It's a tragedy what happened, but I'm gonna give up my career?"

Weiland says the band is currently auditioning people to fill in on guitar and plan on giving the songs from the album plenty of spotlight on their forthcoming tour dates.

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