Following Scott Weiland’s death late last year, the singer’s family sought out a custom urn maker to give Scott a poetic final resting place. With the help of Foreverence, Weiland’s ashes were placed in a replica of his trademark megaphone the singer used for decades onstage.

Foreverence have recently made beautiful urns for late legends like Prince and Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister. Lemmy’s black pyramid urn features the ace of spades and the frontman’s perennial outlaw hat:

For Prince, the urn crafters created a tiny version of the icon’s Paisley Park compound with Prince’s purple symbol adorning the urn’s front:

Weiland’s urn is just as befitting, taking the essence of Scott’s stage persona:

"It's a very collaborative process with the family,” Foreverence’s Pete Saari describes to People. “We suggest themes and ideas, then we ask them to guide us with specific details they would like to incorporate. You end up feeling like you really knew this person. We really develop a closeness with the families we serve. We were even asked to attend Lemmy's and Prince's funerals, which was an unexpected honor."

Saari continues, "The family will often send photographs or sketches or just describe ideas. We then synthesize those elements and start providing visual files back to the family. We'll continue to refine and edit until the family agrees that the piece is perfect. We don't make anything until it's perfect."

Following Scott Weiland’s death, the singer’s wife revealed Scott had been struggling with bipolar disorder along with various family and financial issues.

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