Jon Bon Jovi almost considered retirement over getting vocal surgery, but the rocker was convinced to go through with the medical procedure by country superstar Shania Twain.

In the rockstar's docu-series on Hulu, Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, Bon Jovi recounts his challenging vocal surgery in which his "soul sister" Twain helped him through the process of getting his voice back.

According to the documentary, the "Livin' On A Prayer" singer started having vocal issues in 2015 and finally considered medical help in 2022 after a serious conversation with his wife, Dorothea. He said that if he didn't get vocal help, then he would have to retire.

After figuring out that he had the same doctor as Twain, the rocker reached out to her for some advice and guidance. She had encouraged him, reassuring him that he would be okay after the surgery.

Bon Jovi even joked that she had led him on to think that the recovery process would  quicker than it actually was.

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“Not only did she reassure me that it would be okay, but I think she also pulled my leg a little bit because she told me I'd be out there a lot sooner than I have been," Bon Jovi told People. "She says, ‘Well, I told you that because I knew that you might back out otherwise.' And so, I couldn't wait to get the operation.”

Shania Twain went through a vocal fold medialization procedure in 2018 and was very public with her challenges and recovery. She is successfully performing again and on the road.

The "Bed of Roses" singer works with vocal coaches every day and said, "Every day is a recovery process."

While he and his band are releasing new music, it's still unclear what the singer's future looks like in terms of touring.

“I’m capable of singing. What I’m not necessarily capable of is two and a half hours a night, four nights a week,” he tells People, “but I’m aspiring to get that back.”

The Rock and Roll hall of famer and his namesake band are releasing their 16th album, Forever, June 7.

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