Yesterday (Dec. 30) singer Tony Harnell announced his departure from Skid Row through a post on his Facebook page. The former TNT vocalist joined the New Jersey legends earlier in the year, replacing Johnny Solinger who had been with the band since 1999. While fans learned about the news, the rest of Skid Row sat behind their screens and found out just like everyone else.

“I was not fired from Skid Row, I quit. Being ignored and disrespected isn’t my thing. I had a great time performing with the band and singing so many great songs. I don’t regret a thing!” said Harnell's post. Skid Row have made an official statement regarding their singer's sudden departure:

To the Skid Row faithful, As you may know, Tony Harnell quit the band yesterday. We found out about his decision the same way all of you did, via his post on social media. He had posted that he was no longer in the band before informing the band personally.

The last we spoke with Tony was on December 17th. He was in the hospital being treated for ‘bronchitis with asthmatic symptoms’. We were all very concerned and offered any assistance we could to help him get healthy. Due to his condition we were forced to cancel our show in Chicago on December 19th. The next time we heard anything was his post yesterday.

That being said, we are all moving forward and wish Tony the best in his future endeavors. Lastly, amidst all of the rumors and speculation, there has been no talk of a reunion nor are we opening for Guns N' Roses. That’s it for now. We’ll keep you updated as best we can. Thanks for your support and understanding. See you in 2016!

Harnell has since retracted his post quoted above, stating, "I owe the fans and band an apology for the Facebook comment I made last night, about being disrespected - well I didn't exactly show an example of respect, and I truly apologize. I let my emotions get the best of me. Again, thank you all for all the good we had, let's celebrate that part of it all."

While the vocal slot is vacant, fans should not expect to see iconic singer Sebastian Bach return. The band's statement already squashed the rumors of a reunion and guitarist Dave 'Snake' Sabo had previously made it clear "no on feels comfortable" with the idea of bringing Bach back.

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