The Welsh reggae metal band Skindred have a viral TikTok hit on their hands after their 2005 single "Nobody" recently caught fire with a dance craze on the video-sharing app.

Now, even Skindred lead singer Benji Webbe has joined in the trend. This week, the musician tried his hand at the "Nobody" TikTok dance, as Metal Hammer and NME reported.

It all started last week when a TikTok user named Shin shared a dance challenge video using the reggae-infused nu-metal track from Skindred's 2002 debut album, Babylon.

The combination quickly spread to other videos across TikTok, not the least of which being Webbe's own version of the Skindred "Nobody" dance.

In the caption on his clip, Webbe writes, "Seen people posting our song nobody, tried the dance that shit ain't easy."

Since Shin's video, the track has been used by creators in more than 1,000 videos, and "with millions of views across these clips," NME reported.

And the hashtags #Skindred and #reggaemetal have also surged. Indeed, the hashtag #Skindred alone now has over 6.8 million views on TikTok.

"A Skindred song from 20 years ago is suddenly going viral and it's making everyone, including frontman Benji Webbe, bust out their best moves," Metal Hammer remarked.

See more videos of the trend below. Watch Skindred's original music video for "Nobody" down underneath the clips.

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