Every year, the situation is the same: you're curious about what's going on in Austin during South by Southwest, but not so curious that you're going to follow a half-dozen new Twitter accounts and check in on a bunch of different sites every 10 minutes. That kind of thing gets old fast, and most of the time all you're seeing is variations on the same report. Never mind trying to track down reliable sources of performance footage – which is a nightmare all its own. This year, Hype Hotel and Mazda have made things easier. They've created a HypeON hub that pulls together all of the highlights from SXSW in one place, as the festival is happening – including exclusive video of performances from the Hype Hotel Presented by Feed the Beat, along with original photography and exclusive reports from around the festival. You can get daily reports, updates and watch exclusive performance footage all in one place. So forget the internet scavenger hunt. Bookmark the HypeON hub, and check back throughout SXSW for updates.

Brought to you by Mazda, official automobile sponsor of #HypeON. #MazdaSXSW #HypeON

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