Stitched Up Heart are getting ready for the release of Never Alone, their highly-anticipated debut record out June 17. The electrifying new outfit have just released the music video for the second track on the album, "Monster."

Setting the tone, "Monster" begins with suffocated sounds of guitar melodies, quickly interrupted by a thunderous series of distorted chords and drum strikes. Singer Mixi showcases the beauty and brawn of her dual-threat voice, sounding innocent one moment and deranged the next. An uplifting chorus is the centerpiece of the track, backed by lush chords and Mixi's soaring clean voice.

“The track, ‘Monster,' was the very first song we wrote for the new record with Another Century," began the frontwoman. "The night before we went in the studio I was getting tattooed by my artist ‘Mr. Monster' and he asked me to write a song for him. That's where the idea started. The next day the producers, Merritt (our lead guitarist) and I met up to start the writing process. The studio was dark with spell books, herbs, spices and other various weird ritual stuff. There was an odd feeling that overcame me, almost like a beast was ready to be set free. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with the environment, our determination to kill this record or the mass amounts of Monster energy drinks I had that day, but something came over me and was unleashed into the recording."

Mixi revealed the same happened when they shot the video for "Monster" and the band only needed one or two takes to get the right shots. "The location had a lot of history as well," she stated, continuing, "I remember in between takes at one point I really felt possessed or something. There was a scene shot in a chamber I was looking around the room with a feeling like I had been in there forever and would never get out. Maybe it’s just something about the song lyrics about releasing this beast inside of me, or maybe I really am a monster.”

Pre-orders for Never Alone can be placed here.

Stitched Up Heart will hit the road soon, replacing Butcher Babies on May 31 as part of Lacuna Coil's U.S. headlining run. The bill is rounded out by 9Electric and Painted Wives and a list of tour dates can be found at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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