Stone Sour are giving fans a little different vibe with their latest single, "St. Marie." The track is a little more country-tinged and somewhat sorrowful, with the band recently completing a video for the song with director Mark Klasfeld that can be seen above.

Speaking with Billboard about the song, vocalist Corey Taylor stated, "The cool thing about the song is that it's a long time coming. I write a lot of stuff on acoustic (guitar) and then try it out on electric and see if it works. But there's always been a style I haven't really been able to show with Stone Sour, which ... call it what it is, a country side. I've written songs like that in the past that I've tried to work with in Stone Sour but they always come off a little too saccharine, a little sweeter than we were comfortable with at the time. But with this song it was just so special. If felt so kind of good to get our inner Eagles on that. We were really, like, 'There's no way we can't do this song.' It was such a great departure from the usual slower stuff we'd done. It just felt really good to just dig our teeth into it."

The clip itself finds Taylor and his Stone Sour mates in a contemplative mood as they travel the roads of our country, stop off in a roadside diner and eventually making their way to the final resting place to spread the ashes of a beloved friend.

"The video is kind of about a journey, which is really what this song is about in the first place," says Taylor. "It's a journey, trying to find redemption in a place where maybe there is none to find. There's a lot of judgment in the video that is kind of being resolved in the end by the fact we all end up at the same place in our lives, no matter what, so it's best to just let go of that resentment and find our way happily instead of morosely, I guess."

Though the clip finds the members packed into a van, Stone Sour should have some roomier confines as they continue their headline run this spring. The band is hitting the road with The Bronx, Palaye Royale and '68, along with playing their fair share of festivals this spring. Later this year, they'll provide support for Ozzy Osbourne on his "No More Tours 2" tour. Check out the band's website for all of their stops.

In other Stone Sour news, fans can look for the Hydrograd Acoustic Sessions as a special release coming for Record Store Day 2018. The 12" vinyl EP features acoustic versions from the band's current hit album that will be sold on silver vinyl. Record Store Day is set for April 21 and you can visit the Record Store Day site to see which stores are participating in the promotion.

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