Germany's one man black metal outfit Sun of the Sleepless began in 1999, having released just two EPs and a split leading up to the band's debut, To the Elements. While you may not be familiar with Sun of the Sleepless (don't worry, you're about to be), you might recognize mainman Ulf Theodor Schwadorf from the metal-turned neofolk Empyrium or the gothically-driven The Vision Bleak. Whether you're one of the cult followers or a newcomer, brace yourself as Sun of the Sleepless team up with Loudwire to bring you the majestic video for "The Owl."

The song walks the tightrope between breathless, acoustic-centered ambience and traditional, discordant black metal with an underlying sense of melody and dread. Regardless of which sonic facet Sun of the Sleepless entertain, "The Owl" is trance-inducing, fueled by powerful imagery of the animal represented in the title. As the owl takes flight over cascading waters and forest landscapes, the song dips from blast-infused aggression back to the ambience of the opening moments, shifting once more to the extreme aspects when fire re-enters the fold across the clips.

Schwadorf, enamored with the song and video, went into further detail about the synergistic meaning behind both. He states:

'The Owl' was not only the first song I wrote for 'To The Elements,' it has now, due to this fantastic video, an even more special place in my heart. The song's lyrics portray the search for the true self; it has always been with you but one needs awareness and self-confidence to finally fully embrace it. The owl is a symbol — a totem — for many a character trait I like to enshrine in myself: the observer, the wise, the outsider who chooses to hunt in silence and the blessing solitude of the night, dwelling in his own realm. The owl is also a symbol for intact nature that has not been 'civilized' by man. The mystic of nature has, of course, always been a big part of my work as an artist.

It was absolutely fantastic shooting this video and working with this beautiful, majestic animal. Also it is a pleasure to portray the breathtaking landscape of my home region (the Rhön) with such a great impact. Sören Sterzing and Lorenza Castella did a fantastic job of visualizing my vision for this video. Not only did they fulfill my expectations but surpassed them with the final outcome! It really means something.

To the Elements is available now through Prophecy Productions where fans can explore bundle items in addition to traditional album formats. Follow Sun of the Sleepless on Facebook for more information on the band and to stay up to date on all activities.

Sun of the Sleepless, To the Elements Album Art

Prophecy Productions
Prophecy Productions

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