Josh Todd

Buckcherry's 'Tears'
Buckcherry are unleashing 'Nothing Left But Tears' as a new single off their most recent album 'Confessions,' and Loudwire has the exclusive premiere of the track's lyric video (watch above).
Frontman Josh Todd displays his emotional angst in the song's driving chorus, singing, "All the things y…
HeAd's KoRner: Video Edition!
In this special video edition of HeAd's KoRner, Loudwire columnist Brian 'Head' Welch was joined by his Korn bandmate Fieldy as the pair took some time to chat with Buckcherry singer Josh Todd before they all took the stage with their respective bands at the recent 2013 Rock on the Ra…
Mitzi Martin – Hottest Rockstar Wives
You may know singer Josh Todd for his music with Buckcherry or his massive amount of tattoos, but what we're about to tell you will change your entire perspective of the man. Josh Todd is the keeper of the Continuum Transfunctioner.