In this special video edition of HeAd's KoRner, Loudwire columnist Brian 'Head' Welch was joined by his Korn bandmate Fieldy as the pair took some time to chat with Buckcherry singer Josh Todd before they all took the stage with their respective bands at the recent 2013 Rock on the Range Festival. In fact, Head performed with both Love & Death and Korn at the festival, and later called Korn's Rock on the Range gig one of the band's Top 3 shows of all time. Watch Head and Fieldy chat with Josh Todd about Buckcherry's latest album 'Confessions' and more in the video above, along with a note from Head himself below:

"Often times we hear songs from our favorite bands, and we quickly 'figure out' what those songs are about . . . only to find out later those same songs have totally different meanings to the musician who wrote them. After interviewing Josh Todd at Rock on the Range recently, I've learned that Buckcherry might be one of those bands that have a few songs with deeper meanings than what people might think. Fieldy and I had a chance to sit down with JT from Buckcherry and we all found out that we have MANY things in common… check it out." -- Brian 'Head' Welch


Brian Head Welch Author
Photo Courtesy of XYQ Management

Brian 'Head' Welch is a founding member of the multiplatinum band Korn and frontman of Love and Death. He is the New York Times best-selling author of the book 'Save Me From Myself.' Brian has won multiple Grammys and MTV Music Awards and is currently touring with both Korn and Love and Death, as well as traveling the country speaking. Follow Brian 'Head' Welch's schedule at and pick up Love and Death's debut album, 'Between Here & Lost,' at iTunes.