Luc Lemay

Gorguts' Luc Lemay Discusses 'Colored Sands' + More
Just a matter of minutes before Gorguts began to dominate Brooklyn's St. Vitus bar for the last date of their 2013 touring cycle, we took a trip to the venue's beer-laden basement to speak with frontman Luc Lemay. Having already greeted Gorguts superfans with incredible kindness and enthusiasm, Lemay opened himself up for an exclusive interview.
Gorguts Track-By-Track Breakdown of 'Colored Sands'
We recently spoke with Gorguts mainman Luc Lemay at length about the band's new album 'Colored Sands.' In our previous interview feature, we learned about the musical approach Lemay took when writing the highly anticipated album, and now here is your chance to learn about the conceptual side.