Yes, you read that correctly and, no, this is not a joke — consumer retail conglomerate Target really does have a full blown goth section of its online webstore.

"Welcome to the goth side of Target," reads a banner display at the top of the landing page for a Target web address that ends in "trends-goth-inspired." We warned you it was real!

We understand your first reaction might be to recoil, think of half a dozen incendiary tweets you can hurl at the retailer and find some solace in the fact that you are doing everything within your power to preserve this subculture that has largely been shunned and mocked by the mainstream.

Or, you can view it from a different perspective and find this carefully curated section of Target's webstore to be personally validating — an affirmation that you are seen, heard and belong.

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We can also assure you that it's completely normal that, after the rage has subsided, your line of questioning will shift from, "Why? Why, why why?!" to, "So... what's actually in this section?"

Honestly, Target could've done the goths a lot worse than the wares on parade on an easy-to-navigate tiled display page where black is by far the dominant color, whether it's boots, dresses, sunglasses, snake-print throw pillows, pendant necklaces, button-downs, denim jackets, arched mirrors, lipstick, furniture, a Bauhaus record and other accessories and decorations.

There's even a casket-shaped charcuterie board. Come on — you had no clue that existed, nevermind available at Target for the very reasonable clearance price of $21.25 (as of Nov. 16, 2022, at least).

Basically, there's everything but Black No. 1 hair dye (sorry, Type O Negative fans).

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