The Darkness’ ‘Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us’ single debuted today in the form of an animated video created by Thom Lessner and director Ted Passon. The tune marks the first new song we’ve heard from the Darkness since 2006.

Frontman Justin Hawkins tells Rolling Stone, "The video turned out ace. I've always been a fan of Thom Lessner's illustrations, so I was delighted when he and Ted Passon agreed to make it. They have really captured the vibe of the song.”

This single and video launch coincides with the first date of the band's North American tour and given this is the first time they’ve performed here since 2004; the fans expectations are very high. Based on the sound and visuals of the ‘Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us’ video, it’s clear that the Darkness still have their over-the-top sense of humor. A new album, which is scheduled to drop this spring, will hopefully follow suit.

The video begins with “in other news” commentary by the BBC, which reports the fact that “everyone – everywhere is feeling very sad” because the world is in total and absolute crisis. Meanwhile, the camera pans across a young girl's room that is stacked with vinyl, VHS tapes, cassettes and every piece of Darkness memorabilia you might imagine. Autographs, vanity license plates, collectors dishes and pins, you name it – this little girl owns it. As the BBC reporter prepares to give the weather, the girl puts her Darkness wax on the turntable instead and prepares to give us a message by means of her sketchbook and this is where the fun begins.

This fast moving, animated, Queen-like anthem definitely gives new meaning to the phrase eye candy. Can you decipher a visual message that includes bicycles, guitars, severed heads, roller skates, pink flamingos, boxers, knights, kitty cats and zombies? Only the Darkness could concoct such madness that leaves you wondering if beneath the surface, there’s a deeper meaning than “fixing your hair.”

Watch The Darkness' 'Nothin's Gonna Stop Us' Video