Feb. 4, 2017 marks the end of an era as Black Sabbath are set to perform the final date of their lengthy farewell tour across the globe, fittingly dubbed 'The End.' While each member of the band has remained adamant that this is indeed the final tour, mainman Tony Iommi has revealed that we could see the metal titans hit the stage after the tour has been completed.

The guitar god sat down with rocker and wrestler Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, discussing the end of the band. "I wouldn't write that off, if one day that came about," Iommi stated when positioned with the idea of Sabbath performing a one-off show like the Download Festival held in the U.K. (transcription via Blabbermouth). "That's possible," he reiterated, adding, "Or even doing an album, 'cause then, again, you're in one place. But I don't know if that would happen."

The "one place" Iommi was referring to was something he had discussed with Jericho earlier in the podcast, talking about the physical toll touring has taken on him considering the treatments he still regularly needs to combat his lymphoma. "Shows here and there are fine, it's just the constant, 'You've gotta be here for a month and there for six weeks,' and we've done it for that long now,' the guitarist detailed.

"It was only when I got ill, that's when I stated getting vulnerable," Iommi said, going on, "Before that, I could do anything. But it just showed me when I was diagnosed, I suddenly felt deflated and lost a lot of confidence. And they're going, 'You shouldn't be flying, really.' And, 'You shouldn't be doing this, you shouldn't be doing that.' So that's what brought that about — the end of this, really, because the constant touring does eventually get to you."

The thoughts about a possible new record are consistent with what Iommi had said in October. Each member of the band has offered contrasting statements regarding the possibility of a new Black Sabbath album, but the guitarist remained opened in this latest interview echoing when he told Ultimate Classic Rock "maybe" about a new Sabbath album.

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