With the recent release of his new book, ‘Iron Man: My Journey through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath,’ guitarist Tony Iommi has been making the rounds, and recently shared some classic tales of Black Sabbath debauchery with the New York Post.

Pranks were a big part of the band’s early days and Iommi admits to a few. One of his favorites included asking drummer Bill Ward if he could set him on fire, a time or two. The funny part is, Ward actually said yes! Iommi recounts the story, he asked, “Bill, can I set fire to you?” Bill responded, “Busy, so not just yet.” Later on Bill said, “I’m going home now, so if you want, you can set fire to me.” Iommi took the initiative saying, “I threw a bucket (of alcohol) over him, and he went on fire. It soaked third-degree burns into his legs.” Yikes!  That’s certainly one for the record books.

Admitting that their drug habits often rendered them bored and looking for things to occupy their time on tour, the stories are countless, but one that stood out was Osbourne apparently “hauling a shark through a window, dismembering it and soaking our room in blood.” Wonder who had to clean up that mess?

When it comes to regrets, Iommi has had a few from bad management decisions to not being the best husband he could be, but admits that now, all he wants to do is work.

Iommi said that he’s still close to Ozzy, “I talk to Ozzy a couple of times a week.” He continued with, “He’s up, down. I love him, although his attention span lasts three seconds." With the internet buzzing about the possible Black Sabbath reunion announcement coming on Friday (Nov. 11), we can only hope that Iommi will be talking to Ozzy a lot more frequently!