A fake Trapt account on Parler has tricked various news sites and music fans into believing frontman Chris Taylor Brown was kicked out of Trapt by his bandmates.

The story was shared widely on social media, hilariously juxtaposing Chris Taylor Brown’s prior criticism of trolls spreading fake news about the band. Turns out he was correct this time, demonstrating how easy it is to be fooled by bad information on social media.

The fake announcement, which was made by troll Parler account @TraptParler, reads, "We have officially parted ways with @CTBTrapt. Unfortunately, there were some view points that were said that we do not agree with and it was negatively impacting the rest of the band. We wish him well and hope he can find the help he needs.”

The statement continued with a bunch of typos and a thanks to Trapt’s one “fan,” which should’ve clued readers that the story was fake. “To our fan: Thanks you for the support that you have all given us through these times. We will now be focusing on only provided updates for the band on our social media accounts. You may still find his views and opinions on his accounts.I, if you wish.”

“To the ‘trolls’: We have heard you and are sorry we allowed this to go on for so long. We would like to start fresh and hope you can forgive us and take another chance at listening to our music in the future.”

Fake Trapt Post 1

A fake response from Chris Taylor Brown was also added:

“Wow… Are you kidding me?! What the fuck do the pussies think they are going to be able to accomplish without me? They are going to have to change their name. Good luck finding another singer as good as me! Stupid bitches!”

Fake Trapt Post 2

Trapt were recently banned from Facebook and Instagram after Chris Taylor Brown expressed support for the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist group, before being banned from Twitter after Brown vehemently defended underage sexual relationships between adult women and 15-year-old boys.

For the record, Chris Taylor Brown’s official Parler account is @CTBTraptParler.

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