Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have a solid musical partnership that has received accolades of the film scoring front and worked well on the more commercial side with Nine Inch Nails and How to Destroy Angels. Their latest project together has a rather unique vessel, as the pair have recorded music for Banksy's Walled Off Hotel.

For those unfamiliar, the artist's Walled Off Hotel serves as both a functioning lodging place for visitors in Bethlehem on the West Bank and also as an art installation of sorts. One of the artistic features of the hotel is the "piano player" in the hotel, which provides music concerts that have been pre-recorded by a number of familiar recording artists. Reznor and Ross teamed up to record music, and one of the pieces from their "concert" is a song called "Green Lines," which can be heard in the player above.

As it starts off, it appears to be a more experimental piano piece with the notes seemingly flowing almost in contrast to each other, but over the expanse of the song the parts start to gel closer together until the listener gets a beautiful and engaging piece of music.

In addition to Reznor and Ross, Flea, Hans Zimmer and Massive Attack's 3D are among those who have recorded for their Walled Off Hotel. For more information about the hotel, check here.

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