After recently unveiling a number of songs from his score for 'Gone Girl,' Trent Reznor has opened up about working with director David Fincher, his approach to film scores and his plans to take a break from touring.

In a Rolling Stone interview, Reznor talks about David Fincher’s upcoming film ‘Gone Girl,’ calling it “surprisingly nasty.” He said, “When I first saw a good chunk of the film, it felt like he went there. It's uncompromising. I felt it was a surprisingly nasty film on a few levels – the parody side of it, the commentary on society and the media right now, the rumination on marriage.” Reznor added, “A lot of it stuck with you. And it goes into a couple of gratuitous directions at times, which I think adds to the power.” He continued saying the film “felt like a thrill ride.”

The ‘Gone Girl’ score follows the music Reznor and Atticus Ross laid down for Fincher’s 2011’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and 2010’s 'The Social Network,' which earned the duo the Oscar for Best Original Score. The drama film tells the story of a woman’s disappearance, how her husband is a suspect and the way the media feeds off of tragedy.

Trent shared how he and Ross create the music for a film. “We'll become familiar with the source material and then, very importantly, sit and talk with David and get an idea of what he's visualizing, what he's imagining the role of music is going to be in the film,” Reznor said. “How much space does it take up? What's the feeling? Is it cold? Is it dark? Is it bright? Is it bombastic? And then make some decisions about what instruments to use based on that idea.”

The Nine Inch Nails and How to Destroy Angels frontman recently wrapped up a tour and said he has no plans to head back out on the road anytime soon. “I've got a few things that are considerations. I'm not deeply involved in anything at the moment. I just want to center myself and see what feels exciting. It won't be touring for a while.” He concluded, “I've found as I've gotten older that, you know, between this and How to Destroy Angels, I've been out for 18 months. That's enough. I'm ready to wake up in the same location for a while.”

The 'Gone Girl' soundtrack is available now at iTunes. The film, which stars Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris and Rosamund Pike, opens nationwide on Friday (Oct. 3).